Pressure-Treated Wood Decking

Pressure-Treated Wood Decking

If you are looking to build a deck or fence, pressure-treated wood is a great choice. As the name suggests, this Southern Yellow Pine undergoes a process involving high amounts of pressure in order to reach the final product. A solution of water and preservative is injected into the wood to help extend the durability of your deck for years to come. The compounds include a number of copper solutions (alkaline copper quaternary, copper azole, or micronized copper azole) that react with the wood on a molecular level. In the end, you are left with a decking board that resists termites, moisture, rot, and structural degradation.

Types of Pressure-Treated Wood

This type of lumber is often labeled for one of two purposes. It’s either for above-ground use or in contact with the ground. For decks, most of the boards we source are for above-ground use. For pieces which contact the ground or are more difficult to replace, it’s best to opt for the ground-contact formulation. With twice the chemical retention properties, these boards are twice as resistant to damaging elements.

The quality of the board is primarily dependent on the number of knots or cosmetic blemishes. For a premium-grade wood, you can expect to see less imperfections and a better visual appearance. In addition, the likelihood of splitting, cupping, or warping is decreased. Although this selection looks more appealing, it does come at a higher price. If cost is a concern, we make sure to utilize the grade that best fits your budget.

Pros and Cons of PT Wood in Columbus

As with all products, it is important to know the pros and cons of making a decking board selection. The deck contractors and Deck Builders Columbus will make sure to explain each and every detail so that you can make the most informed decision about your deck. Here are a few things to consider:


  • Cost-Effective: compared to most other decking materials, pressure-treated wood can run less expensive. With a price of $15-$20/sq ft, it is a very cost-effective option.
  • Rot and Insect-Resistant: The chemicals used in this board help to prevent rot and repel insects from damaging the lumber.
  • Ground Contact: Most PT lumber available today comes ground contact approved. As a result, it has twice the treatment and it’s twice as resistant to damage. Low elevation decks can thus use PT wood for the fascia, joists, and beams.
  • Warranty: Much of the PT lumber manufacturers offer a long-term warranty to protect against decay and termites. Most homeowners don’t remember to take advantage of this!


  • Environment: The chemicals used in the pressure treatment process are known to be less favorable on the environment than production of other materials.
  • Discoloration: If not maintained appropriately with stain or paint, oxidation will occur and result in the deck boards turning gray. This can largely be avoided with appropriate maintenance.
  • Checking“: Over time, the rainy and winter weather in Columbus can cause moisture to enter into the board pores. This results in expanding and contracting which can result in splitting. This is common with decks but can be hindered with the application of a sealant.
  • Maintenance: These deck boards do require maintenance, but the final result pays off. They can last 30+ years if done appropriately!
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