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No deck is complete without a good-looking set of stairs to allow for a safe entry and exit to the living space. Deck stairs must be built to the highest standards of construction in order to withstand years of use. Whether you are looking for just a few steps or a long and complex staircase with a landing, don’t overlook the importance of deck stair design. The planning and accuracy of calculations are crucial to creating the final product you are looking for. You can trust the deck contractors with Deck Builders Columbus to go above and beyond to bring you the finest in deck stairs that meet local building codes – no matter what the material.

Variations of Deck Stairs

Not only do deck steps need to meet local building codes, but they need to look amazing! Just the slightest miscalculation can leave you with landings that are too shallow or too long. We make sure the job is done right the first time.

There are a few primary components of deck stairs:

Options for Deck Stairs

No Deck Steps at All

Not all decks require complex or expensive stairs. In particular, there are two types that often are constructed without steps. Platform decks that are close to the ground or elevated balconies often do not need deck stair installation. If you are looking to build either of these deck designs, you can take advantage of cost savings and labor expenses due to less material being used.

Wide Stairways

Sometimes, the most elegant and graceful transition from a deck floor to the ground floor is a wide step design. In addition to being safer than narrow, steep steps, wide descents open up the view of your backyard and patio. With more room for seating, grilling, or entertaining, an over-sized design may be the perfect choice for you.

Straight Deck Staircase

Undoubtedly, the most common design on decks today is the straight stair. Not only are the easier and take less time to build, they tend to provide the easiest access to the deck space. It is important to consider that straight stairs consume a larger amount of square footage as opposed to turning or bidirectional ones. Depending on the amount of ground you have to use, straight decks may be a great option.

Deck Stairs With Landings

Depending on the height of your deck, it may be necessary to construct a landing to break up the distance. We install deck stairs with landings in L-shapes or any other arrangement that may be necessary.

Cascading Stairs

One of the designs that is becoming more popular as of late are cascading stairs. These steps help to bend around a corner and are a great option for low-elevation decks.

Spiral Stairs

The most extravagant and eye-catching design continues to be a spiral staircase. Often times, multi-level decks can add a spiral staircase to transition from one level to another. However, not all individuals are suited to travel these steps as they can be steep and often difficult to use.

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