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Deck Repair in Columbus, Ohio

Nothing hinders the ability of your deck to impress more than damage. Water damage from a lack of sealant, rotting that risks the integrity of the patio, or large gaps in the decking boards all could use repair. Deck Builders Columbus offers an affordable and premium repair service that is second to none. Whether your issue is located in the balusters, fascia, cantilever, blocking, or beams, our team has seen it all. Nothing about an aging deck surprises us, and our repairs do everything possible to make it look like the damage was never there.

Common Deck Damage

Most issues or damage with a deck relate to two main areas: the installation procedure or the maintenance procedure. If your deck was installed by an inexperienced homeowner, the structural integrity may be compromised down the road. If your deck was not properly maintained with sealant, paint, or whatever specific care your boards required, it definitely will cause problems in the long-term durability of the structure.

One of the most common problems we see is the rails or steps are breaking down. Due to high foot traffic and use, this wood tends to wear out most quickly. Additionally, older decks will likely experience some spectrum of rot due to a lack of proper cleaning. Replacing the pieces with composite material is often the easiest way to improve the look and function of your existing deck.

DIY or Professional Deck Repair?

Many of the issues you face with your deck are possible to be replaced DIY. However, that is certainly not true in all instances. Besides building the deck of your dreams, nothing makes us happier than telling customers they don’t need our expertise. We are more than happy to point you in the right direction to help get you quality materials at an affordable cost. This is certainly not the case with every deck builder in the industry, but we pride ourselves in taking care of our customers no matter what.

Deck Repair Quotes

Giving our team a call gets the process started with an immediate damage assessment. At our earliest availability, we can come take a look at the damage and consult on next steps. When we handle deck repair in Columbus, we make sure that you know precisely how much it costs. You will never be surprised by the price we charge, and you can ask us to adjust the estimate as much as possible. We leave you in charge when it comes to handling only the most necessary repairs or replacing the deck altogether.

Replace or Repair?

One of the oldest tricks in the book is convincing customers their only option is to replace the deck. With years of experience in this industry, we have performed too many second opinions not to point this out. Unfortunately a number of homeowners are forced to think a $15,000 deck is the only way their problem can be fixed. As a result, a perfectly usable deck is destroyed when a few targeted repairs could have increased the durability at least another 5 years.  Don’t get us wrong, we love building new decks. We just want to make sure you understand whether or not you have to. In many cases, deck repair in the Columbus market should not be so expensive that you feel like you should replace the deck. We promise to be forthright with you and give you the absolute truth when it comes to your deck or porch.

Choose the Columbus Deck Pros

When we build your deck, we build it to last. Our goal is to build one deck that lasts you as long as possible. Our team is experts on installation, but also maintenance. We help you understand how to care for and prevent major damage to your deck. If you are looking for affordable deck repair that lasts, Deck Builders Columbus is your company. Call us today to have us come take a look at your deck. For heating and cooling repairs, check out the experts at HVAC Calgary!

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